Sprouts, flowers and herbs

Sprouts, flowers and herbs have become important in kitchen . Add taste and beauty to the dish.

Important but not fundamental, they should meet the right sustainability requirements.

It does not make sense that products grown in greenhouses, often heated and artificially illuminated, are to be used only for aesthetic intake, also having a taste that vaguely reminiscent of plants grown under the right seasonality and climate conditions

A cost too high for a sustainable dish, a waste of energy and emissions of polluting substances.

Our crops are located in the extreme Ligurian west, away from pollutants.
Our productions grow by seeing the sea in the open field, enjoying the light and the Ligurian sun

Fava leaves and flowers

A lovely way to enjoy fava flavor without the laborious process of preparing the beans.

Fava leaves are sweet like the beans and can be eaten raw or cooked. In a salad or pesto, they provide a nice burst of spring grassiness. Wilted or sautéed like spinach, they can be used in pasta dishes, piled on top of toast, or cooked into a quiche.  Delicious eaten fresh or cooked, pair these leaves with Italian and Mediterranean dishes.

Looking like young spinach, the leaves are thicker, with a milder flavor, sweet like a pea shoot, but without the crunchiness, and  the leaves are sweeter and more tender early in the season, which lasts through the end of spring.

White and Black

Even though we don’t grow them for the flowers, we think they’re strikingly beautiful. Fava flowers taste like a lighter version of the leaves, with a mildly sweet flavor akin to spring peas.


Smells and flavors of rich tradition, grown using methods that respect the environment and provide excellent quality, organic certification from 1997. Catering products, especially vegan and vegetarian

Our goal is to be something more than mere suppliers: we want to create a relationship with our customers, but more importantly, we want to support the work of our customers making the product an “event”: we offer deals creative to highlight the product at its best quality.

While constantly seeking the best product quality, the focal point of our company is the service: the consistency and timeliness are the basis of our daily work.